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I Am Looking Man True gloryhole stories

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True gloryhole stories

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Sex tonight. Let me know, I will send pictures. M4w seeking for someone that would like to see a movie from time to time.

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Page loading time secs: Please, register and log in first! We travelled over Christmas to visit some true gloryhole stories in central Oregon, but flew in to Portland PDX planning to rent a car and drive to their place in the mountains near the town of Sisters. Our flight was delayed by bad weather, and so we arrived later than planned and decided to spemd the treu in Portland and drive through the mountains the next morning.

There had been quite a bit of snow, and we didn't want to get stuck las Vegas sex mature. With a free evening on our hands we decided to do something we true gloryhole stories not been able to do for quite awhile; go visit an adult store, stogies video arcade or theater.

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This is something we have always true gloryhole stories, and is how we got started in cuckolding, although we didn't think of it as that at the time. It was just a way to true gloryhole stories spice things up, and Brenda got to enjoy a variety of other men and their cocks, they got to enjoy her, and I got to enjoy it all.

Anyhow, we relocated true gloryhole stories employment reamisters several years ago to a place where glorjhole such thing exists stoories a couple hundred miles. We know, we've looked, but naughty wives seeking sex Fairmont luck.

We were excited about gloryhoe in Portland, which we knew had good opportunities for a true gloryhole stories excitement. We found a hotel in the I corridor, and after a little dinner went in search of a couple of the adult stores we had looked up in the phone book.

We found one in east Portland called Mr. Peeps, I think on nd St. There true gloryhole stories a number of cars in the small lot, and when we entered ther were several true gloryhole stories, all men, browsing the racks of DVD's, toys, and magazines. Gloryhle usual when Brenda or any woman enters these stores, the guys all started to check her.

She looked good in her medium-high heels, short black denim skirt, white blouse unbuttoned to show some cleavage, and black leather jacket to ward off the cold rainy evening. She had decided to lady seeking real sex NH New boston 3070 a gloryyole, and I knew the cold and the situation would stpries her nipples sticking out, but with the jacket you can't tell.

She had also worn her gold ankle bracelet. It's amazing how many men look at. We kind of shopped our way back to the video arcade area at the rear of the store, a little nervous I guess - it had been awhile!

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We were actually shocked when we entered the arcade area to find the doors of the booths marked honest, I'm not making this up as to which booths had glory holes, viewing windows, private, etc, and true gloryhole stories looking in a couple found generously large outcall massage mexico city cut through the walls, as marked!

Most places seem true gloryhole stories try to board up the gloryholes, or at least make them awkward, or design the booths such that they can't be used this way. Here they were refreshingly open about it, and the booths were very clean and nice.

What a treat! We entered a private booth first, and I slid true gloryhole stories couple of dollars into the video machine and flipped channels until I found a hot one of a little blonde chick trie 2 hung black studs. Brenda likes.

My Girlfriends 1st Gloryhole Visit For Vday (True) - Sex Stories -

She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my half-hard cock and started true gloryhole stories stroke me, while I ran my hand up under her skirt and found her tiny panties warm and moist. I don't know why she bothered to wear them, but I immediately helped her out of them and stuffed them in my pocket.

She was wet and slippery inside. True gloryhole stories both slipped out of our jackets and I was hanging true gloryhole stories on the back of the single chair when somebody tapped lightly at gllryhole door. I opened it a crack to find a dark-haired youngish guy there, and he asked if we wanted some company.

Before I could say no, Brenda pulled the door open wide enough that he could see her stroking my now hard cock with her other hand, and he stared at. She tre him up and down and said "Not right now hon', but maybe later, OK?

It was time to move to a gloryhole booth! I crammed my true gloryhole stories cock back into my true gloryhole stories fortunately I am only average in penis size, or it would have been more difficultand I picked up our jackets as we left the booth. There were several men loitering around in the hall near our booth, and Bren enjoyed their attention as we passed between.

A number of the booths were occupied, but gllryhole found one marked "Gloryhole" and went in, locking the door. Sure enough, it had kind of true gloryhole stories oval shaped hole about 4 or 5" wide and about a foot high through the wall into the next booth. We heard somebody enter that booth and close the door behind. She continued to suck him true gloryhole stories he went limp, stretching his skinny little cock with her lips, tugging at him and sucking every drop.

Josh just shook his head, saying "Fuck man, your wife is crazy for cock. Look at that little thing. She left off sucking her little friend, and he quickly pulled back and zipped up. We heard him leave in just a few seconds. cum in my daughters pussy

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Josh asked if we wanted to meet true gloryhole stories again tomorrow, but we explained that we were leaving in the morning, and would not be back in town until Dec. He said truee him, and gave us his cell number.

Funny, because Brenda has our nephew Josh already programmed under that name, so she entered his number under the name "nineinches". I don't know if he really was 9 inches, but that was her estimate, and she measured him with her finest instrument. He left then, and I was ready to true gloryhole stories back to our hotel and spend the night true gloryhole stories my wife, remembering and fantasizing and having some good old 1-on-1 sex. Brenda, however, had hot 50 year old guys ideas.

A true story about the first time I took my wife to the local gloryhole – Erotic and sexual stories

She wanted "just one more, please? He stuck his fingers in, testing, and Bren turned around and pushed her ass tight to the wall, her pussy at the hole. She let out a little moan almost at once, and I thought he must have stuck his cock into her, so I pulled her away from the wall a little and saw that he was just rubbing her clit with his finger, which was fine.

She was obviously true gloryhole stories it. Brenda continued to let him do that for a few moments, so I granny fuck films true gloryhole stories opportunity to play with her tits a little.

Her nipples were hard even before I touched them, so I knew she was still pretty turned on and had at least a couple more orgasms left in. True gloryhole stories pulled away from the wall and from me, yloryhole kneeled in front of gloryhoel hole, so I thought she was ready to suck his cock; instead she pushed her right tit to the hole, showing this guy her very hard nipple.

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As I would have expected, he touched and squeezed it, obviously enjoying her tit, then put his true gloryhole stories in the opening and began to suck, hard, on my wife's nipple. I could tell that Bren was enjoying that, and this was kind of a new twist for.

I sat at the edge of the chair and reached under her, touching her ass until my fingers made their way to her sweet pussy. I found her very wet and true gloryhole stories, her private swinging parties hot and clit erect.

I slid 2 fingers into her, and she immediately clamped down on true gloryhole stories, storkes tightly. I knew she would cum quickly, true gloryhole stories her state glorryhole arousal, my fingers in her, and some stranger sucking her nipple.

I fucked her with my fingers, trie she thrust herself onto them, trying to get them deeper inside. Her hands on the wall on both sides of the hole were balled into tight fists, and I knew this was very intense for. I was very hard as well, my arousal a result of.

I wanted to be inside of her storries, spilling another load deep in. My balls ached from salvador feeling horny so aroused for so long. Brenda was pinching and tugging on her other nople herself now, and her moaning told me she was about.

Keeping my true gloryhole stories middle fingers in her, I began to flick her clit with my index finger, and that did it, pushing her true gloryhole stories the edge.

She clamped down on my fingers, almost squeezing me out, and ground out "Ohhh yes, oh god oh god oh god oh god oh fuck yesss unnhhh! True gloryhole stories backed from the hole, and I could see her golryhole sucked nipple hard, red, and wet with saliva.

The guy quickly stood and thrust his hard cock through the hole. He was probably half expecting her to fuck him, but she took him deep in massage therapist in albuquerque nm mouth instead, moaning at the feel of his thick hardness in her mouth and her subsiding orgasm.

He had just unzipped and pulled his cock out, and Brenda much prefers full exposure so that she can true gloryhole stories with and lick balls while she blows them, so she was tugging at his pants and belt buckle.

He understood and undid his pants and pushed them. Bren held his cock up and licked and sucked at his balls to show true gloryhole stories appreciation. He was not particularly large, maybe 6. His foreskin half covered the head of his cock, which was dark and shiny. She rolled and tongue-bathed his nut in her mouth, then let it slip between her lips as pof dating site plenty of fish took the other in for the same treatment.

He true gloryhole stories kind of thrusting and jerking, and who could blame. A drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and ran slowly down as his cock spasmed in the air. I was to one side, and Brenda slightly to the other, his cock thrust through the hole between us. She looke into my eyes as she let his other true gloryhole stories slide out of her mouth. Thanks cumhubby, I had a hunch there were others here that would enjoy our experience.

More, as requested: She leaned back to admire his stiff cock, then leaned in and licked him a couple of times, base to tip like a big popsicle. Then she did what she always does at some point, whispering "Here honey, this is a really nice cock, you suck. Now Bren, I could watch her do it all day, and she'd be true gloryhole stories to do true gloryhole stories I think. She has wanted to watch me suck another man's cock for a long time, and I did kind of promise her that maybe I would someday, but if I how to fuck with your neighbor it, it would be just to make her happy.

I know that is a pretty worthwhile goal, but still She stkries for a moment, but then went happily back to sucking ggloryhole, taking him as far into her tdue as she true gloryhole stories, and as far as hitting her head on the wall would allow. He pressed into the opening, so she had access to as much gloryhooe she could take, really, but she was just really into sucking. Again she stopped and true gloryhole stories off for a minute "Please?

I really want to see you do it. Just for true gloryhole stories minute? Then Brenda surprised me by pushing my head down suddenly, and for a moment I had his thick cock in my mouth, but I instinctively jerked back, his cock bouncing off my lip and cheek and flopping around belgium md swingers the air.

I'm sure he wondered what the hell was true gloryhole stories, especially when Brenda started laughing.