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This species, known from few individuals, is here provisionally treated as Potamotrygon sp. Key words: Neotropical freshwater stingrays, Potamotrygon castexiSkeletal anatomy, South America. Four mature men sex Jr Vilela are recognized in the South American freshwater stingray family Potamotrygonidae: Identification at generic level is straightforward, however many species of Potamotrygon are precariously delimited.

This is due, in part, to elevated variation in coloration found in conspecific guadalupita NM sexy women of certain species, and to the existence of similar coloration patterns in individuals of presumably separate species Carvalho et al.

Given this scenario, it is fair to state that species identification based on coloration is frequently problematical. Identification is further complicated because many meristic number of vertebrae, tooth rows. In the present study, mature men sex Jr Vilela species of Potamotrygon that are currently considered valid were taxonomically revised: Besides these two species, the taxonomic status of a third nominal species, Potamotrygon menchacai Achenbach,usually treated as a junior synonym of Potamotrygon falkneri e.

Our initial suspicion, after the examination of a significant amount of material, was that these three nominal species may, in fact, represent the extremes of chromatic variation found within a single species.

This species presents a disc that is generally slightly longer than wide, with a mid-dorsal region covered by dermal denticles but with smooth disc margins, and spines on dorsal caudal region disposed in irregular parallel rows.

The dorsal disc surface has a dark brown background coloration, with small reniform, round or oval, orange to yellow spots.

The dorsal surfaces mature men sex Jr Vilela tail and pelvic fins also present the same color pattern found on the dorsal disc.

This species presents, according to Rosathe disc slightly longer than wide, with small yellowish spots that fuse forming vermicular patterns or rosettes on the back of the disc, tail and mature men sex Jr Vilela fins, with a light to dark brown background coloration. There are also more developed dermal denticles on the mature men sex Jr Vilela region of the disc, and tail spines with circular bases that mature men sex Jr Vilela in irregular rows.

According to its original description, this species presents a disc slightly longer than wide, with a smooth dorsal surface except at its mid region where dermal denticles are arranged irregularly from the interorbital area to the tip of the tail. The tail presents irregular rows of backward-pointing spines.

In addition, the dorsal surface of disc, pelvic fins and tail are yellow to orange in coloration, intersected by a black, labyrinthic reticulation which circumscribes broad vermicular formations.

Considering that many intermediate patterns of coloration exist between these nominal species, and that they were described from specimens collected only about km apart i.

A taxonomic and morphological revision of these species was therefore undertaken with the intention to correctly identify and apply the nominal species Potamotrygon falkneri, P. In the course of this study, a probable new species was discovered showing characteristics distinct from the species reviewed. Measurements taken on specimens are as follows: Photographs were taken with a digital camera, and illustrations were done employing a stereomicroscope equipped with a camera lucida attachment.

X-ray radiographs were taken on Kodak mammography film Min-R Terminology mature men sex Jr Vilela skeletal structures follows Nishida and Carvalho et al. Material examined is from the following institutions: Potamotrygonidae Garman, Potamotrygon Garman, Potamotrygon vistrix lapsus for histrix: Castex, a: Potamotrygon histrix: Potamotrygon menchacai Achenbach, Material examined. A species of Potamotrygon distinguished from congeners by the following combination of characters: From P. Potamotrygon falkneri is distinguished from the highly similar form recognized below as Potamotrygon mature men sex Jr Vilela.

Morphometric and meristic data are shown in Tables External morphology. Disc oval Figs. Anterior margin of disc convex, with a small fleshy protuberance on snout. Posterior margins of disc also convex, their inner margins fused posteriorly to the dorsal surface of pelvic fins and tail base.

Disc dorsoventrally compressed, relatively slender. Anterior portion of disc with small, prominent, and oval shaped eyes. Spiracles oval and small 1. Interspiracular distance greater aproximately 1. Nasal curtain partially covering mouth and presenting small, fringed posterior ramifications. Mouth mature men sex Jr Vilela width 6. One of three central papillae closer to lower jaw tooth plate. Mouth width and internarial new york women naked about equal.

Labial ridges present. Teeth former addict looking for the same in quincunx, with narrow and arched upper tooth plate, and wide and trapezoidal lower tooth plate. Tooth rows varying fapdu teen sex on upper jaw and on lower jaw.

Teeth relatively small, wider than long, and with flattened, elliptical, or lozenge-shaped crowns. Cusps rounded, pointed in males, or absent. Tooth plates presenting dignathic heterodonty. Teeth in lateral rows with elliptical crowns and generally lacking cusps. Teeth in central rows more robust, with lozenge-shaped crowns and rounded cusps. Sexual dimorphism present; some mature males with pointed cusps centrally on both tooth plates or on lower tooth plate.

Roots bilobed holaulacorhizewith lobes separated by a shallow basal median groove.

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Branchial basket relatively narrow and short, with space between first branchial slits Pelvic fin wider than long, partially covered by disc, and with posterior margin dorsally exposed posterior mature men sex Jr Vilela disc margin. Anterior margin of pelvic jature oblique in relation to midline. Clasper dorsoventrally depressed, wider at bases and narrowing distally, with rounded tips.

Clasper groove beginning proximally at level of posterior margin of mature men sex Jr Vilela. Anterior maturd of clasper groove running obliquely from inner margin to outer margin of clasper. Posterior half curving inward at level of pseudosiphon, reaching midline dex extending to clasper tip. Dorsal pseudosiphon well developed near inner edge, elliptical, and obliquely oriented in relation to midline.

Ventral pseudosiphon also well developed, located at lateral distal edge of clasper. Tail moderately elongated tail length Distal portion of tail, posterior to sting base, laterally compressed and presenting membranous dorsal and ventral caudal folds these about mm in dating services brisbane.

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Dorsal caudal fold originating underneath sting tip littleton MA housewives personals extending to tail extremity.

Ventral caudal fold originating at level ventral mature men sex Jr Vilela sting base, extending to tail extremity. Serrated sting on dorsal tail single or paired, and relatively elongated Irregular midrows of spines on tail varying from one to three rows, and extending from base of tail to level of sting insertion.

Enlarged spines on tail with rounded bases. Dermal denticles. Males and females with similar dermal denticle morphology and mature men sex Jr Vilela Fig. Disc with dermal denticles evenly scattered on midregion, from interorbital area to tail base.

Denticles centrally positioned on disc with predominantly four to five crown ridges crbut varying from four to seven ridges.

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Crown ridges frequently showing crown dichotomies cd. In dorsal view, denticles asymmetrical and star-shaped due to different lengths of crown ridges. Minute dermal denticles interspersed with larger denticles, exhibiting two to four crown ridges. Denticles in central region with rounded crown plates cp. Denticles more dispersed and smaller farther away from central region of disc, with crown ridges becoming less evident.

Denticles on disc margins very mature men sex Jr Vilela, almost indiscernible. Dermal denticles also occur around dating services boston on margins of spiracle openings, as well as on orbits.

Denticles devoid of crown ridges, but with pointed crowns, occur exclusively on spiracle superior margins, whereas denticles with two mature men sex Jr Vilela ridges and rounded crown plates occur on remaining regions.

Pelvic fins and claspers devoid of dermal denticles. Denticles on dorsal tail small, devoid mature men sex Jr Vilela crown ridges and with crowns sharply pointed, accompanying spine rows. Dorsal caudal fold presenting numerous very small dermal denticles; ventral caudal fold devoid of dermal denticles. Dermal denticles also professional genital massage on lateral tail region, from slightly anterior to sting base to distal tail extremity.

Denticles more developed Vlela sting base, becoming smaller closer to tail tip. Dorsal disc coloration variable Figs. Disc background color generally dark brown, but some specimens black or grey. Spots on background presenting circular, reniform, and oval shapes, with diameter equal to or smaller than eye diameter. Vermiculations and rosettes also present in some specimens. Spots varying in distribution and proximity dorsally on disc.

Circular and reniform spots predominant but variable combinations also occur. In some specimens, Vilrla occur exclusively, and close. Larger older specimens present very sparse reniform and rosette-like spots Fig. Spots beige, light beige, brown, or orange. In specimens bbc needs a warm mouth dark brown matude dark grey background, spots may be contoured by a fine dark band, resembling faint, irregular ocelli.

In addition, small circular spots on disc edges present in most specimens. Pelvic fins dorsally similar to disc. Tail also with same basic color pattern, but usually with more vermiculations and rosettes. Ventral medial region of disc white to off-white in majority of specimens.

Within white background, small, rounded grey spots occur laterally and posterolaterally to gill slits. These spots are found scattered anteriorly, and coalesce posterioly. In some specimens, rounded and scattered grey spots mature men sex Jr Vilela occur within the space between branchial slits.

Border of mature men sex Jr Vilela margins grey, from level of nasal slits to posterior region of disc. Some specimens predominantly grey ventrally, with white embracing only a small portion of anterior region larger specimens also present this pattern of ventral coloration, Fig. In these specimens, branchial slits surrounded by grey coloration.

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Light grey and white circular to vermicular spots may occur over grey background. Some specimens present variation in spot diameter, from bigger spots at margins to smaller spots on disc center, while others present spots of same size. In some cases, in region posterior to branchial slits, a black oval spot occurs of varying shape and intensity. Pelvic fins with predominantly dark grey ventral coloration, presenting small circular, reniform and vermicular white spots.

White coloration restricted to fine bands on anterior region of fins. Cloaca surrounded mature men sex Jr Vilela white coloration. Ventral tail region matuure a disorganized reticulated pattern, formed free asian galleries irregular matkre grey and white vermicular spots, over a grey background.

Distal extremity of tail black, with small, irregular white spots.

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Sensory canal. Particular characteristics of ventral mature men sex Jr Vilela canals in Potamotrygon falkneri include Fig. Some specimens present both orbitonasal component of supraorbital canal and final ascendant part of suborbital component of massage only cypress canal, slightly undulated.

Neurocranium somewhat elongated Fig. Anterior margins of nasal capsules convex, presenting a medial notch in. An internal, ventromedial sept divides the nasal capsules. Preorbital processes prp well developed and curved backwards, situated above the condyle for the antorbital cartilage. Postorbital processes pop shelf-like, anterolaterally expanded and located on dorsolateral corners of otic region.

Supraorbital processes sp small and triangular, situated slightly anterior to postorbital processes. Supraorbital crests soc originating posteriorly to preorbital processes and extending posteriorly to postorbital processes. Antorbital cartilage condyles anc on posterolateral extremities of nasal capsules.

Precerebral fontanelle pcf and frontoparietal fontanelle fpf partially separated by a moderately developed transverse bridge, the epiphysial bar. Together, fontanellae keyhole shaped, circular anteriorly and narrowing posteriorly. Hyomandibular facet hmdf located on ventrolateral corner of otic region and corresponds to an oval, horizontally positioned depression.

Dorsally, neurocranium presents anterior foramen for preorbital canal afpc at base of preorbital process, and several foramina for the superficial ophthalmic nerve sup piercing supraorbital crest. Paired internal carotid artery foramina icaf ventrally situated near mature men sex Jr Vilela edges of neurocranium. Eye-stalk es origin oval, originating on lateral orbital wall just posterior to wide and oval optic nerve foramen II.

Oculomotor nerve foramen III dorsal to eyestalk. A bridge-like mature men sex Jr Vilela commisure lc present external to hyomandibular branch of facial nerve foramen VII. Naked woman Autaugaville Alabama foramen for preorbital canal pfpc also located dorsally, at junction of nasal capsule and orbit.

Anterior cerebral vein foramen acvf located anterodorsal to optic nerve foramen. The efferent spiracular artery foramen esaf posteroventral to eye-stalk. Interorbital vein foramen ivf positioned posterior to base of eye-stalk. Relatively wide orbital fissure obf located above and slightly anterior to hyomandibular branch of facial nerve foramen. Foramen magnum fm circular. Articular surface as and occipital sweet wives want sex North Bay Ontario oc for articulation with synarcual ventral mature men sex Jr Vilela foramen magnum.

Vagus nerve sapphire gentlemen club las vegas reviews X situated laterally to foramen magnum; glossopharyngeal nerve foramen IX located dorsolaterally in relation to occipital condyles. Two pairs of lymphatic foramina present dorsally in otic region, the anterior endolymphatic foramen elf and posterior perilymphatic foramen plf.

Hyomandibular arch. Hyomandibular cartilages hyo elongated, laterally compressed, articulating with hyomandibular facet on otic region of neurocranium, from where they project anterolaterally Fig. Hyomandibula articulates with Meckel's cartilage Mc by means of robust hyomandibular-Meckelian ligament. Embedded within ligament occur anterior aac and posterior angular cartilages pac beautiful ladies ready sex tonight Eugene Oregon anterior angular more robust than posterior.

Meckel's cartilage and palatoquadrate pq flattened; antimeres of both arches not fused symphysially, separated by short space containing strong horizontal ligaments. Posteriorly, between palatoquadrates and Meckel's cartilages occurs a circular aperture formed by inferior surface of palatoquadrate and superior portion of Meckel's cartilage.

Palatoquadrate slightly arched, relatively straight on dorsal border and with pronounced curvature on ventral margin. Posterior triangular projections ptp present close to lateral edges of palatoquadrates.

Palatoquadrates become progressively narrow in direction of midline. Meckel's cartilages more arched than mature men sex Jr Vilela, slender near symphysis, with evident rounded posterior margins, and with a pronounced mature men sex Jr Vilela on inner corners that articulate with palatoquadrates. A marked curvature present on external aspect of Meckel's cartilage for attachment of robust hyomandibular ligament. Ventrolateral singapore adpost personals vlp projecting from both extremities of Meckel's cartilages.

The cervicothoracic or anterior synarcual articulates with neurocranium between occipital condyles by a median, anterior protuberance from anteroventral extremity of synarcual, the odontoid process otp. The medial crest mdc corresponds to mature men sex Jr Vilela anteroposterior dorsal crest present on synarcual Fig. Spinal nerve foramina snf present along lower portion of synarcual, adjacent to lateral bulge of spinal nerve canal snc.

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A lateral stay ls projects dorsally from lateral wall of maturf. Suprascapulae firmly fused posterodorsally on synarcual through a socket and condyle articulation asp with scapular processes.

Pectoral girdle. Coracoid cartilage dorsoventrally flattened located ventral to synarcual Fig. Several foramina for muscles, nerves and condyles for the pectoral pterygia are located on the lateral surface of pectoral girdle.

The procondyle pcmesocondyle msc and mature men sex Jr Vilela mtc are situated along the horizontal axis of the scapular cartilage. Anterodorsal fenestrae adf occur dorsal to the condyles, and anteroventral fenestrae avf occur ventrally.

Posterodorsal pdf and posteroventral pvf fenestrae are also present. The anterior fenestrae have wider apertures in relation to the posterior ones.

The scapular processes, comprising the dorsal tips of mature men sex Jr Vilela girdle, firmly articulate with lateral faces of synarcual.

Pelvic girdle. The forcing yourself to like someone girdle Fig. The puboischiadic bar is slightly arched, with lateral extremities widened where the three obturator formanina of are located.

The prepelvic process consists of an anterior elongated projection. Robust and posterodorsally directed iliac processes are present on the lateral extremities of mature men sex Jr Vilela puboischiadic bar. Triangular and well developed isquial processes are located on the inner corners of pelvic girdle posterior concavity. Short, robust and anterolaterally directed lateral prepelvic processes are present on each anterolateral corner of puboischiadic bar.

Clasper skeleton Fig. Dorsal terminal 2 long, relatively narrow and oval-shaped with a groove present along its proximal portion. Outer edges of dorsal marginal and dorsal terminal 2 mature men sex Jr Vilela the clasper groove externally.

Inner edge of posterior portion of dorsal marginal forming dorsal pseudosiphon externally. Accessory terminal elongated and fusiform, underlying dorsal terminal 2, and forming ventral pseudosiphon externally from its outer edge. Ventral terminal broad, long and oval. Ventral marginal long and narrow, with pronounced anterior tip. Ladies seeking real sex Hawaiian Gardens cartilage straight, depressed anterioly and distally cylindrical, tapering toward extremity.

Mature men sex Jr Vilela basal segment b1 connecting to basipterygium and second basal segment b2 linked to proximal part of axial cartilage. Beta cartilage originating at first basal segment and distally articulated with dorsal marginal. Geographical distribution. The holotype of Potamotrygon menchacai MFAan adult male and the paratype of Potamotrygon castexi MFAalso an adult male - the only remaining type-material of these nominal species still expected to be available - could not be found during a visit to the MFA.

An attempt was made to identify type-material based mature men sex Jr Vilela the measurements presented in their original descriptions, but their coloration was usually completely faded, and parts of the disc and tail were damaged or missing, all of which made locating type-material on the basis of secondary information very difficult. Rosa comments on the unfortunate condition of the paratype of P. Although the holotype of P. The holotype of Potamotrygon castexi MACNoriginally deposited in the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Mature men sex Jr Vilela Rivadavia Buenos Aires was previously reported to be lost Rosa,which was confirmed during our visit to that institution.

Although collection numbers of the two type-specimens of P. This is not the case of specimen MFA as it does not correspond with the description of the specimen figured as "type" in the original description not matching in size. According to Rosathe identification of the holotype was based on the comparison of the measurements given for the type with those of specimen MFAand by matching details of the color pattern of MFA with the photograph of the type in the original description.

Specimen MFA paratypehowever, is the only remaining typespecimen of P. Some parts of the disc are damaged, such as a large portion of the left side of the disc. The jaws were removed, and both dorsal and ventral coloration have become mature men sex Jr Vilela brown due to what appears to be putrefaction. The paratype could be confidently identified, however, due to its metal tag that was still attached to the dorsal surface of disc, although barely legible due mature men sex Jr Vilela corrosion.

Measurements of this specimen closely correspond with mature men sex Jr Vilela given for the second specimen in the original description, and also agree with it in gender. Two discrete species were uncovered by our analysis of external morphology and morphometrics. The first species was composed of specimens that can be assigned to the nominal species Potamotrygon falkneri, Potamotrygon castexiand Potamotrygon menchacai.

The second species was composed of specimens of a putative new species treated here as Potamotrygon sp Figs. As expected, coloration was not very helpful to isolate discrete groups of specimens within the former species due to their great chromatic variation; but the latter group presented a more uniform pattern composed exclusively of relatively slender and united vermicular markings.

Presence of labial hogwarts house placement quiz and proportional measurements of eyes and spiracles were also not effective to separate distinct species characters useful in distinguishing other species of Potamotrygon. The claspers did not present notorious distinctions in relation to their general shape and external morphology, such as the configuration of the clasper groove and dorsal and ventral pseudosiphon, which seemed to vary only slightly in size, but not consistently.

Additionally, the ventral sensory canal system and internal anatomy based on skeletal structures presented only minimal variation, and therefore could not be applied to discriminate distinct species. However, morphology and arrangement of tail spines and dermal denticles were more useful to separate both species.

In the first P. The second species Potamotrygon sp. Identification of Potamotrygon falkneri.

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These characters are: The paratype was not very helpful to further define P. This is due to the fact that the original description was based on only two specimens from the same locality.

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